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Calzedonia - Calze, Collant, Leggings e moda mare.


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clz negozi di abbigliamento abbigliamento per ragazzi abbigliamento per ragazze costumi da bagno
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Descrizione di Calzedonia

In its over 30 years of history, Calzedonia has asserted its DNA as market specialist within a complex, constantly-changing industry, intercepting the demands of consumers and offering original styles with accessories play a leading role.
With over 2,100 stores in 52 countries around the world, Calzedonia’s market presence continues to grow, including via its e-commerce business, currently shipping to 21 countries.
In 2014, the Calzedonia Group launched the brand internationally with a cinematic TV advertisement, entrusting Julia Roberts with the task of emotionally engaging with women and their lives. In 2015, Calzedonia continued to strengthen its relationship with the actress through a series of light-hearted, ironic adverts set inside a sales point.

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